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Course boosts computer forensics capability in Hong Kong

To enhance officers’ computer forensics capability, the Hong Kong Police organised a two-week “Computer Forensics Certification Course” last month that 18 computer forensics examiners attended. The first part covered file system level analysis which underpins all computer forensics theories. The… Read more

PGP use ruled relevant in Minnesota

A Minnesota appeal court has ruled that a trial judge was within his rights to allow police evidence about the presence of an encryption program on a defendant’s computer to be admitted in a child abuse case. The ruling came… Read more

LanpherWilson Acquires Computer Forensic Group, Inc.

LanpherWilson Corporation today announced that it has acquired Computer Forensic Group, Inc. of Germantown, MD to form a new company called Turiss, a digital investigations and information protection firm with target markets in the corporate, legal and government arenas… More… Read more

Fletcher aides leave plentiful trail of e-mail

Comfortable with high-tech gadgets, Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s aides use state-issued computers and BlackBerries to send e-mail that details their deeds, plans, turf battles, even their moods, sometimes on an hourly basis. Now, that e-mail is a trail of bread crumbs… Read more

The Certified Computer Examiner Certification

While computer forensics certifications are not as mainstream as an MCSE or CCNA, there are several forensic certifications that are growing in prominence and that are worthy of investigation if you are considering this type of certification. One of these… Read more

Sault College (ON, Canada) to host computer forensics workshop

Sault College (Marie, ON, Canada) will present a computer forensics workshop for IT professionals from June 13 to 17. James Lewis, site director for the Centre for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA) at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor,… Read more

Keyboard cops

Forget leaving fingerprints at the scene of the crime. Today’s police know that the hard evidence they find on your hard drive can put you behind bars. Computer forensic analysts – the detectives of the digital world – are in… Read more

CFP: DFRWS — Extended Deadline

From Brian Carrier: The paper submission deadline for DFRWS 2005 has been extended untilFriday June 3, 2005. For those who have already submitted papers, you canstill edit your submission on the server. For those who requested anextension or are behind… Read more

An Inside Look at a Disk Recovery Service

In many failure-related cases, the chances of recovering data from a hard disk range from good to very good. If the electronic system is the only thing affected, then the drive can often be reused after the control panel has… Read more

Used hard drives betray company secrets

A study of 200 hard drives bought on eBay this year reveals that over 70 per cent contained sensitive personal or business data. German data recovery firm O&O Software was able to recover 3.3 million files, including 40,000 Word documents,… Read more

New Paper: The Forensic Chain of Evidence Model

A paper by Atif Ahmad entitled “The Forensic Chain of Evidence Model – Improving the Process of Evidence Collection in Incident Handling Procedures” is now available online. The paper can be read here. A full list of papers and articles… Read more

Online crime – new tools, old tricks

This week virus writers took a further step into the underworld when they released a Trojan horse program that holds computer data hostage unless you pay $200. The program infects computers through a weakness in Internet Explorer. It finds files… Read more

Montana agencies left private information on discarded computers

State agencies failed to remove private information before retiring outdated state computers, risking public disclosure of Social Security and credit card numbers, medical records and income taxes, a new report discloses. The legislative audit, obtained Tuesday, blamed unclear state policy… Read more

e-Cops playing catch-up in Oz

Australia’s electronic crime investigators are at risk of being outrun by new technology, one of the country’s senior computer forensic technicians has revealed. Australian Federal Police (AFP) Electronic Evidence Forensic and Technical co-ordinator Paul Reedy said police investigators would have… Read more