F3 – The First Forensic Forum

‘F3 – The First Forensic Forum’, founded in the late 1990’s when forensic computing was still in its infancy, is a non-profit organisation with one specific goal which is reflected in our mission statement – “F3 exists to provide an … Read more

The need for effective event management

First published November 2006

courtesy of GFI Software – www.gfi.com


Underrated, undervalued and underutilized; events management is most often rated as a tedious and ungrateful task. System administrators shy away from event logs and the events contained within, citing … Read more

Reflections on a first computer forensic investigation

First published October 2006

by Brian Marofsky

What follows is a synopsis of the experience I had of conducting my first computer forensic investigation. It was my no means a text book investigation. I made my share of mistakes but … Read more

Dissecting NTFS Hidden Streams

First published July 2006

by Chetan Gupta
NII Consulting, Mumbai

Cyber Forensics is all about finding data where it is not supposed to exist. It is about keeping the mind open, thinking like the evil attacker and following
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VMWare as a forensic tool

First published May 2006

Brett Shavers
May 2006

VMWare Workstation is one of the most up and coming software applications in both the corporate environment and in the computer forensic community. This paper will not detail the inner workings of

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