Forensics in a Digital Age – Tool Helps Police Track Tech Trails

Computer forensic analysts worldwide use the Internet Evidence Finder tool to find Internet-related evidence on computers. In today’s digital world, we sometimes forget that the things we type online are never truly erased. And even though this information is buried … Read more

JADsoftware announces new IEF Triage product

JADsoftware Inc. has announced IEF Triage, a new edition to its computer forensics solution, Internet Evidence Finder (IEF). IEF can search for evidence within a number of applications including: social networking, IM chats, webmail, browsers, and p2p artifacts. IEF Triage … Read more

Former Cop Now Busts Bad Guys Digitally

Before RCMP Sergeant Jeff Cameron left his Edmonton office on Friday, Dec. 16, he took a laptop seized in a drug bust, hooked it up to his computer and clicked “run” on digital forensics software created in Waterloo, Ont. While … Read more

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