Microsoft offers one-click police report via IM

Users of Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger in the United Kingdom can click a new button in the chat application to contact police with reports of suspicious behavior and instances of inappropriate sexual conduct online… More (… Read more

E-mail first step on trail

The investigation that led law enforcement to John Mark Karr can be traced to a single e-mail, sent some four years ago… More (Rocky Mountain News) While the FBI’s Atlanta spokesman, Stephen Emmett, declined to elaborate on the FBI’s role,… Read more

Private Forensic Examinations in RIAA case

As part of their investigation into illegal music downloading, the RIAA demanded full access to a suspect’s computer, which the accused felt was a violation of her privacy. The judge agreed with her and is letting her hire her own… Read more

CERT’s Virtual Training Environment (VTE) Open to Public

CERT’s Virtual Training Environment (VTE), with more than 160 hours of multimedia-based instruction in information assurance and computer forensics, is now available to the public. The Virtual Training Environment (VTE) is a Web-based knowledge library for Information Assurance, computer forensics… Read more

Undelete those deleted emails, FOIA ruling tells UK Government

‘Deleted’ Government records needn’t necessarily be treated as deleted after all, according to a ruling by the Information Tribunal, which deals with appeals against rulings under the Freedom of Information Act. “The Tribunal understands that information which is held electronically… Read more