Live Webinar: Optimizing Search Filters In Nuix Investigate

This webinar is part of the Nuix Investigate Power User webinar series.

Search filters in Nuix Investigate are designed and built to help investigators and their cross-functional teams to get faster, better-informed answers from their data. Join Nuix Investigate Product … Read more

Live Webinar: Controlled Collaboration Using Group Permissions

Nuix Investigate Power User webinar series

Digital investigations are often massive in scale and evidence volume, requiring the collaborative work of multiple investigators and analysts. Nuix Investigate contains robust user management and role-based settings so that case contributors can access … Read more

COVID Fraud Is A Crisis Within A Crisis

In times of distress, or hardship, we’re told to “look for the helpers.” As Fred Rogers once explained, in “scary” times we can feel calmed and reassured because there will always be “people who are helping.” These people are the
Read more

Live Webinar: Insider Threat Detection, Triage, and Investigation


Many enterprises struggle with identifying, planning, and implementing the core capabilities needed to prevent insider threats within the organization. Executive-level questions and concerns about whether the investments required for enterprise-scale tools are justified by insider threat risk alone make it … Read more

There’s No Such Thing As Big Data

by Paul Slater | Nuix

Today, “Big Data” is everywhere. All over the media and the internet, you’ll see headline-grabbing statistics and all sorts of people offering opinions and solutions. But I’d like to take a step back from the … Read more

Six Tips For A Smarter Investigation Workflow

by Lisa Bailey | Nuix

Corporate investigators have a huge responsibility to their organizations. They stand at the forefront of protecting against fraud and misconduct, working with law enforcement when called upon, and they are generally tasked with understanding a … Read more

Nuix Investigate: Giving Investigators Something To Talk About

by Lisa Bailey | Nuix

We’ve renamed Nuix Web Review & Analytics to underscore our commitment to providing the very best software on the market to help investigators do their work better. Introducing Nuix Investigate!


The Goldilocks Effect

by Paul Slater | Nuix

The classic fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears tells the story of a young child who wanders into a strange house owned by three bears in the middle of the woods. Each bear has … Read more

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