What To Do When Your Key Evidence Is Also Working From Home

by Alex Chatzistamatis & Dana Feeney | Nuix

You may not remember the last time you weren’t wearing slippers, or what it’s like to be on a conference call in total peace and privacy, and you certainly aren’t alone. Despite shifting dietary, fashion, and habitual norms, remote work is tantamount to business as usual.

We can’t take credit for building software that anticipates world events, but we do pride ourselves on building the principles of access and collaboration into the very foundation of our software. Unmatched data processing, cutting-edge case investigation, and world-class data review depend on getting data—of any type or volume—to the people across forensic, legal, investigative, and compliance teams that need it.COVID-19 presents unique challenges that even the most diligent security and IT teams haven’t planned to manage and mitigate. If your organization has identified gaps in data loss prevention or handling of digital evidence, a global pandemic and increased need for remote work only serves to accelerate and exacerbate these challenges.

The challenges investigators, knowledge managers, and IT leaders face today seem endless. There’s more need than ever to search and collect from employees’ remote devices. You may be faced with handling thousands of endpoints potentially running a variety of operating systems. And there’s no guarantee public internet connections will remain stable under growing demand.

With Nuix, you can set up remote collections from any computer attached to your network and do it wherever you’re able to access your Nuix environment (including from your own home). Our software has built-in fault tolerance to deal gracefully with network dropouts and other interruptions that may occur.

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Whether the desktops, laptops, or servers on your network are running Windows, MacOS, or Linux, Nuix collection technology has plenty of ways to address your needs. Most importantly, Nuix collections can scale to meet the number of devices in your organization and enable your teams to forensically capture full disk images or perform targeted collections regardless of where in the world your devices are at—on-premise behind your firewall or in the cloud.

Collecting evidence, while necessary for investigations and litigation, can place a burden on your networks and drive up third-party costs when done without capable software.

We can help you deploy collections software that previews and pre-filters the data on each endpoint letting you target and collect only what you need. Filtered, preview-enabled collections reduce the strain on already-stressed networks and save time and resources otherwise needed to manually review collected evidence.

With our latest release, you can stream your collected files and data directly to Amazon S3 storage without first storing data on the endpoint or another location. This feature allows for a streamlined workflow by enabling more efficient collections, reducing the need for additional storage space on each of your devices, and freeing up bandwidth otherwise consumed by manual file transfers.

Collecting the evidence and bringing it into your Nuix case enables you to use our leading collaborative software in the same remote manner as collections, eliminating wasted time and effort while increasing productivity and satisfaction.

While a global pandemic wasn’t exactly what we had in mind when we created Nuix collections software, its capabilities can help you meet the demands placed on you by a difficult environment.

When you’re set up to perform targeted, forensically defensible collections with Nuix, the possibilities are numerous. Process collections and respond to FOIA requests, locate sensitive data to ensure GDPR and other regulatory compliance, move the collected data into investigative analysis, or add monitoring and response to the collections-ready endpoint for threat management.

Whatever you choose, during this transformative time and beyond, we’re here to help. For more information, let’s set up a video call or a virtual demo.

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