Reducing The Mental Stress Of Investigators

by Eric Oldenburg, Griffeye We recently met up with Eric Oldenburg, Griffeye’s new Law Enforcement Liasion in North America, and heard about his new role. Here, he explains how reducing mental stress for investigators is a driving force for him,… Read more

Cross-Geographic Open Source Investigations

When it comes to online investigations, a lot of open source intelligence (OSINT) can be – and usually is – gathered via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Instagram. But in addition to these global giants, every country has its own… Read more

New Software For Online Investigations

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations are becoming an increasingly important part of investigations into different crimes, insurance claims, intellectual property rights, internal business security issues and in investigative journalism. Paliscope is a new software developed to enable structured and secure OSINT… Read more

Introducing Griffeye Analyze DI For Visual Media Investigations

Approximately 200 people joined our “Griffeye 101: A crash course in visual media investigations” webinar to learn how Griffeye Analyze DI Pro can help speed through cases involving massive amounts of pictures and videos.We covered how to process vast amounts… Read more

AI And Machine Learning: The Future Is Now

It seems that in the last few years Artificial Intelligence (AI) has really come of age. With machine learning at the heart of the latest advances in AI, researchers have acquired new knowledge and methods to achieve impressive results across… Read more

Crash Course In Visual Media Investigation

On the 16th of march, Griffeye is hosting a webinar on how to investigate large volumes of images and videos in the most effective way. In a one and a half-hour crash course, participants will learn how Griffeye technology can… Read more

Using Technology To Get Results: Accumulated Knowledge

Over three articles, Griffeye known for its Analyze platform for collecting, processing, analyzing, visualizing and managing images and videos, explores the challenges and opportunities law enforcement face due to the sheer volume of data in digital media investigations. Not least… Read more