Reducing The Mental Stress Of Investigators

by Eric Oldenburg, Griffeye

We recently met up with Eric Oldenburg, Griffeye’s new Law Enforcement Liasion in North America, and heard about his new role. Here, he explains how reducing mental stress for investigators is a driving force for him, one that led him to work for Griffeye, and why the mental health of investigators is a subject that we must talk more about.

In 2001 I started working with child sexual abuse crimes at the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce (ICAC). Looking back, I can’t think of any other work that is more fulfilling, but before taking the job I had no idea how mentally difficult it would be. At that time, I don’t believe anyone had a great understanding of the trauma that it causes investigators and examiners to see it. But when you break it down, and you really think about it, you are watching children being abused, which is a terrible and unnatural thing. So as a result, it comes with a lot of problems.

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