Crash Course In Visual Media Investigation

On the 16th of march, Griffeye is hosting a webinar on how to investigate large volumes of images and videos in the most effective way. In a one and a half-hour crash course, participants will learn how Griffeye technology can help to process, analyze, visualize, manage and build intelligence from mass quantities of digital media.The explosion and volume of digital images and videos captured by CCTV, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, body worn cameras, and dash cams presents significant challenges to analysts, investigators, and forensic examiners. But there are ways in which to get back in control and find clues and evidence that would have otherwise been lost.

In the webinar, you will learn all about:

— Pre-categorization based on known hashes.
— Processing vast amounts of visual data collected from multiple sources and forensic tools.
— Automatically eliminating and prioritizing information.
— Detecting critical clues through automated routines and visual navigation.
— Identifying relationships between files based on their EXIF.
— The basics of “Fuzzy hashing”.
— Photo matching in the absence of EXIF data.
— Object recognition in videos.

To join the webinar:
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