Safari Browser Analysis by Selena Ley

Selena Ley has written a new article about Safari Browser Analysis. In this article, she explores the files that you will find useful when performing a Macintosh or Windows examination with Safari installed. Read it here.… Read more

iPhone Tool Classification article

Sam Brothers has written a new article titled iPhone Tool Classification. In this article, he explores the varying degrees of data extraction that can be performed on the iPhone with many of the available tools today and breaks down the… Read more

Sleuth Kit & Mac OS X Forensics

The Apple Examiner has posted an article written to show the power of Brian Carrier’s Sleuth Kit in creating timelines with HFS+ file systems. The Sleuth Kit includes several command line utilities that can give in-depth looks into many different… Read more

Access Data FTK v3 & Macintosh Forensics

The Apple Examiner has posted an article written by Brian Salmon showing the new features of Access Data’s latest release of FTK and how it applies to analyzing Macintosh data. The entire article can be read at… Read more

Mac OS X Forensics becomes The Apple Examiner

Mac OS X Forensics ( has updated its name and URL to now become The Apple Examiner ( The Apple Examiner now offers categories for Macs, the operating system, iPhones, iPods, iPads, other technologies, forums, resources and reviews.… Read more introduces “Inside the Core” PodCast

The podcast “Inside the Core” is now available through as a source of Macintosh forensic analysis advice. The show hosts, Dave Melvin, Chris Curran and Ryan Kubasiak will be talking about techniques, file locations, and the “plist of the… Read more and Purdue University Partnership has announced that their team and the Cyber Forensics Lab of Purdue University are going to partner on forensic tool development. Dr. Marc Rogers and his team will be reviewing the source code of the tools in question.. More… Read more