Android Auto And Google Assistant – How Google Encourages Hands-Free Motoring

Josh Hickman shares his research at DFRWS US 2019.

Josh: My name is Josh Hickman. I am the forensic scientist manager for the digital evidence section in the North Carolina state crime lab. And I am here this morning to talk about Android Auto and Google Assistant. And I know I’m the last presentation before lunch, so I’ll try to do my best to get you out here on time. Real quick before I do get started, I gave this presentation to our labs administrators as a dry run and I inadvertently set off a couple of Google Assistant phones during it. I will make a conscious effort to not say the hot word to trigger Google Assistant, but I may slip up inadvertently do it. So you’re forewarned.

So Android Auto and Google Assistant work together. You know, the ability to have our vehicles interface with our mobile devices is not a new concept, but it’s one that’s really started to get into the mainstream.

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