BlackBag Technologies And Image Analyzer Partner For Advanced Image Triage

BlackBag Technologies and Image Analyzer Announce a Partnership to Provide Advanced Image Categorization for Triaging Photos and Videos in BlackLight

BlackBag’s premier computer forensics tool, BlackLight, will now filter images for threat categories through a partnership with the most trusted provider of offensive pictures and video recognition software on the market: Image Analyzer.

With hundreds of thousands of images on digital devices, examiners have the daunting task of sifting through this slew of pictures quickly and efficiently. Techniques based on file size, date created, and hash sets are a good start, but are insufficient for the sheer volume of data examiners must sort through.BlackBag believes it is more useful for investigators to focus their review to files with specific types of images first, before resorting to manually reviewing every individual image. By partnering with the most trusted provider of offensive pictures and video recognition software on the market, Image Analyzer, this will now be a reality for all BlackLight users.

Through its world-renowned training courses, BlackBag also shows examiners how these models are trained, how to use them appropriately, and why it is essential to understand their power and limitations when reducing an investigator’s workload.

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“Image Analyzer has long regarded BlackBag Technologies as one of the leading innovators in the digital forensics sector. To combine Image Analyzer’s market-leading image and video analysis technology with the BlackBag suite of forensic products is a logical and perfect technology partnership fit,” commented Nick Drew, Business Development Director at Image Analyzer.

Drew continued, “As a technology development company, Image Analyzer is focused on providing BlackBag Technologies a range of detection categories and functionality which will be added to throughout the partnership. This will ensure BlackBag’s customers always benefit from the latest developments in visual content forensic analysis. We are excited to be working with the BlackBag team.”

Derrick Donnelly, co-founder and Chief Scientist at BlackBag, explains, “when BlackBag was looking to add image categorization to our product, we didn’t want to reinvent something that Image Analyzer has already perfected. It was a natural choice to partner with the team at Image Analyzer to make this a reality in our upcoming release of BlackLight 2019 R1.”

“We believe using techniques like image categorization are essential for users to save time and quickly filter for the different threat categories and speed up their investigations. If you have thousands of images in a case, reliable image categorization can get you evidentiary results faster so you can confidently move on to your next case,” Donnelly explained.

To learn more about BlackLight, or to request a quote, request a trial, or renew your license, click here.

For more information on BlackBag’s various training offerings, to obtain pricing, or to request on-site training, please visit our website. The BlackBag team will be hosting new courses each month so check back regularly to see new locations and dates.

About BlackBag Technologies

BlackBag® Technologies offers innovative forensic acquisition and analysis tools for both Windows and Mac OS X based computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. Its forensic software is used by hundreds of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies around the world, as well as by leading corporations and consultants, to investigate all types of digital evidence associated with both criminal, civil and internal investigations. BlackBag® Technologies also develops and delivers expert forensics training and certification programs, designed for both novice and experienced forensics professionals. To learn more, visit or follow along on social through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

About Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer was established in 2005 and is the market leading provider of AI and Neural Network powered image & video analysis technology. The company, located in the UK, is focused on detecting visual threats, not everyday objects, it provides the most accurate solution available for finding and identifying visual threats within vast quantities of data. Image Analyzer uses advanced artificial intelligence and neural networks that deliver unparalleled accuracy with near zero false positives, all in a matter of milliseconds. The IAViS technology identifies ‘toxic’ visual content within specific threat categories, such as pornography, extremism, graphic violence, weapons, drugs, CSAM etc. Additionally, the company provides a bespoke category production service enabling their clients to identify specific threats. To learn more, visit

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