BlackBag Technologies Launch Forensic Software Educational Program

A partner recently commented to BlackBag Technologies that their digital forensic software ‘performed like a champ.’ The fact this partner, Bay Path University, is educating the next generation of digital forensic investigators, adds even more to the endorsement.

BlackBag Technologies fully appreciates the value Universities and Colleges of Higher and Further Education bring to the forensic community. To support this, BlackBag Technologies proudly announces the launch of their Educational Program, including multiple user licensing and instructor training.Universities can benefit from the full suite of BlackBag Technologies’ digital forensic software, including BlackLight, MacQuisition, Mobilyze, and SoftBlock, on their forensic and cybersecurity courses. For an annual fee of $4999 USD, a University or College of Further and Higher Education can run 30 concurrent users of BlackLight and Mobilyze in the classroom on a network based dongle. In addition, BlackBag Technologies will also provide 3 MacQuisition dongles allowing students to receive first-hand experience imaging over 200 Apple Mac hardware variants.

The use of BlackBag Technologies’ software by so many agencies globally is a key ingredient when newly qualified digital forensic graduates first embark on their career in an ever-changing digital forensic landscape.

Take BlackLight, for example, an innovative forensic technology that quickly enables investigators to analyze computer volumes and mobile devices. Jim Scripture, Assistant Professor, Cybersecurity Management/Digital Forensics at Bay Path University commented “BlackLight has proven to be a robust forensic tool and is very easy to use. Its intuitive design means less time teaching students how to use the software and more time spent on digital forensic and cyber concepts. Bay Path University has enjoyed success with BlackLight as a Macintosh and Windows forensic tool. It was surprisingly efficient at parsing RAM images (Windows) and it did a great job parsing the Windows registry.”

BlackBag Technologies is also including access to their BlackLight Tool Training and Mobilyze Tool Training classes for all lecturers under their educational program. These classes ensure lecturers receive up to date training in the tools and regular certification in their use.

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Finally, universities and colleges will also have access to BlackBag Technologies’ world leading subject matter experts should they have any questions or queries in relation to Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad or Mac forensics.

Learn more about the new digital forensic software Educational Program.

About the Company
BlackBag Technologies is a developer of innovative forensic acquisition, triage, and analysis software. The company’s flagship product, BlackLight, has been adopted worldwide by digital forensics examiners as a primary analysis tool. Mobilyze, BlackBag Technologies’ ground-breaking mobile device triage tool, empowers law enforcement personnel, with or without specialized experience, to capably triage and report on data from smartphones. MacQuisition, the leading software for macOS forensics, is a 3-in-1 solution for live data acquisition, targeted data collection, and forensic imaging. To learn more about BlackBag Technologies contact us at 855-844-8890 or visit us at

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