BlackBag Technologies Releases BlackLight 2018 R4

BlackLight 2018 R4 is officially released! There are several important updates and improvements that will help your software run as efficiently as possible.

What's New and Improved?

– Apple’s latest picture and video formats (HEIC/HEVC) support
– Tagging Improvements
– iPhone XS, XR, and iPad Pro device support
– Improved support for Android MMS on Samsung devices
– Parsing “Recent Items” on macOS 10.13
– Easier license management of BlackBag dongles
– BlackLight is now exclusively a 64-bit application

To learn more about the latest BlackLight release, click here.NEW FEATURES

Apple’s latest picture and video formats (HEIC/HEVC) support

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Starting with iOS 11 Apple introduced a new format for image storage called HEIC. HEIC is the file format name Apple chose for the newer High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) standard. This format is a more streamlined way to store image files using advanced compression methods. This format allows digital photographs to be created in smaller files sizes, all while retaining higher image quality than its JPEG alternative. HEIF is based on the High Efficiency Video Compression (HEVC) or H.265 video format already used on newer iPhones. BlackLight can now display and report on HEIC images and HEVC video, including image containers with multiple images like exist in Apple’s live photos.

Tagging Improvements

Blacklight has made tagged items easier to be seen and sorted. A new tag column exists in every view of BlackLight in the first column. The first two columns (tag and identifier) cannot be moved or placed in a different order like the other columns can. However, they can be sorted so it is now easier to see which items in a view have been tagged.
In addition, items with multiple tags are now easier to see and remove from multiple tag containers. Right (contextual) clicking on a tag item will reveal a menu system for removing that tag item. The menu will show every tag container that item is stored in and allow removal from all or some of the containers.

iPhone XS, XR, and iPad Pro device support

BlackLight running on macOS will now properly ingest the newer hardware devices without issue. If BlackLight is running on Windows it is important to install the latest BlackBag driver package or install the latest version of iTunes in order to have proper support.

Improved support for Android MMS on Samsung devices

Originally, Android devices did not have a native message app with group message capabilities. However, with Android 6 and up, users can now send group messages through the native application, although each message is sent as an MMS instead of a SMS.

Parsing “Recent Items” on macOS 10.13

BlackLight now parses “Recent Items” accessed or run on a system from macOS version 10.13. The format this information is stored in has changed from prior version.

Easier license management of BlackBag dongles

A new license manager is available to more easily manager your dongle(s) and license. BlackLight will open the application through the ‘Help’ menu. It is also available on the BlackBag’s Software downloads page on the website and can be run independently of any application. This license manager is used to manage all BlackBag licenses and can be used to check and update the license. Note: the application must be run from a system with internet access.

BlackLight is now exclusively a 64-bit application

As computers have added resources, including large memory capabilities, the operating system has needed the ability to take advantage of those resources. Most systems are now 64-bit, and when combined with 64-bit applications users can best take advantage of these resources. BlackLight will now be able to take advantage of this additional memory space when doing large processing calculations on data. However, it should be noted that while performance gains have been seen, there can still be bottlenecks in I/O.

Please see the release notes here for more specific changes and updates about these new features and improvements.

As always, BlackBag recommends users update to the latest version, to ensure the software is functioning properly and has all available fixes. Learn more and update to our latest release here.

To learn more about BlackLight, request a quote, request a trial, or renew your license, click here.

About BlackBag Technologies:

BlackBag® Technologies offers innovative forensic acquisition and analysis tools for both Windows and Mac OS X based computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. Its forensic software is used by hundreds of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies around the world, as well as by leading corporations and consultants, to investigate all types of digital evidence associated with both criminal, civil and internal investigations. BlackBag® Technologies also develops and delivers expert forensics training and certification programs, designed for both novice and experienced forensics professionals. To learn more, visit

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