Cellebrite UFED Pro Simplifies Private Cloud-Based Data Extractions

Cellebrite, the leader in mobile forensic extraction, decoding and analysis solutions, has taken its trusted UFED platform to the next level with the introduction of its UFED Pro Series. This new innovative suite allows mobile device data from the widest range of mobile and GPS devices – and for the first time, private data from the cloud – to be forensically extracted, combined with service provider data and analyzed in a unified platform. The UFED Pro Series, introducing UFED Cloud Analyzer, helps forensic examiners in the lab streamline workflows, reveal more data sources and speed investigations to improve legal outcomes.

“With more data generated and stored both on and off mobile devices, and the important role cloud data is playing in investigations, examiners can’t risk missing critical, time-sensitive evidence,” said Ron Serber, Co-CEO, Cellebrite. “The strength of the UFED Pro Series comes from its ability to simplify complex analytical tasks, deliver timely access to private data residing in cloud environments such as Facebook and Twitter via Cloud Analyzer, and merge it with other data sources, including third party data, into a unified, actionable view. This empowers specialists to quickly uncover common connections and correlate critical evidence that may help solve cases faster.”UFED PRO SERIES
The UFED Pro Series is designed for forensic examiners and investigators who require the most comprehensive, up-to-date mobile data extraction and decoding support available to handle the rapid influx of new devices and data sources. Flexible and scalable to meet all operational needs and lab environments, the UFED Pro Series features industry trusted tools and analysis capabilities that allow users to:
• Unify the collection, analysis, and reporting of disparate data on a common platform
• Bypass user locks, recover application data and reveal deleted data from the widest range of devices in the mobile forensic market, including the leading smartphones
• Decode rich sets of encrypted and non-encrypted data and narrow results to certain date and time frames
• Reveal and dynamically visualize connections between multiple devices; up to 100 extractions per case
• Validate recovered artifacts with a unique evidence verification engine
• Ensure extractions are performed in a forensically sound manner via proprietary read-only bootloaders
• Generate and share easy-to-read, custom reports in different file formats

The UFED Pro solution is comprised of two powerful offerings:

Cellebrite’s most robust offering integrates UFED Ultimate, UFED Cloud Analyzer and UFED Link Analysis to forensically extract, import and decode the widest array of mobile device, operator, application and private cloud data from the broadest range of locked mobile devices.

Combines the in-depth extraction and advanced decoding capabilities of UFED Ultimate and UFED Link Analysis to effectively and efficiently organize, search, filter and carve visible, hidden and deleted data to more readily identify patterns and visualize connections.

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UFED Cloud Analyzer
The newest addition to the UFED Pro solutions suite, Cellebrite’s groundbreaking UFED Cloud Analyzer solution, allows investigators to forensically extract private data in the cloud, including from social media sources. With this solution, for the first time, practitioners can access and merge data from multiple cloud-based sources into a unified, actionable view, where it can then be analyzed for the widest range of mobile and GPS devices.

“The ability to dig deeply into on and off-device data sources is now a critical operational imperative; texts, call logs and multimedia are only the tip of the iceberg,” said Serber. “Best-in-class solutions like the UFED Pro Series help create a new, more effective operating model. One that will help forensic specialists simplify the growing complexity of mobile data to focus insights, accelerate investigations and deliver forensically sound evidence that will stand up in court.”

To learn more about how the UFED Cloud Analyzer and the UFED Pro Series can help you solve more cases quickly and accelerate the investigation, contact us at sales@cellebrite.com or visit www.cellebrite.com.

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