Computer crime expert testifies at McGuire trial

Shortly before William McGuire was shot and dismembered, his home computer was used to research such Internet topics as: ”How to purchase guns in Pennsylvania,” ”instant poisons,” and ”how to commit murder,” a computer crime analyst told a jury in Middlesex County this morning. Jennifer Seymour also testified she uncovered additional topics such as ”chloral hydrate,” a powerful sedative, and said someone searched ”Walgreens,” a drug store that, prosecutors say, was the place where the drug was purchased on the day the 39-year-old Woodbridge man was killed. Seymour said she found the topics during a search of temporary Internet files in the family computer, and said she found specific examples of seaches for guns, poisons, murder and drug stores, between April 11, 2004, and April 28, 2004 – the day William McGuire was killed…

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