Device Seizure v2.2 Released

Paraben has announced the release of Device Seizure v2.2 which is now available in a portable, expandable field kit. This new version adds two new iPhone plug-ins…

What’s New:

iPhone Advanced Logical Plug-in
This plug-in allows you to make a backup of any version of the iPhone. After backing up the phone, you read the acquired data.

iPhone BackUp Import Plug-in
This plug-in will acquire the iPhone backup data from a PC or Mac to Device Seizure…Interface Changes:

* New File Viewer added. It allows you to view binary file contents in their native file format.
* A completely new Sorter has been added. It allows you to sort data by 11 file categories similar to the way P2 Commander sorts files.

* Added LG Chocolate Drivers to Driver Pack
* Replaced ActiveSync 4.1 with ActiveSync 4.5
* Added capability to run Device Seizure dongle version on VM Ware
* Search logic is improved

Plug-ins Changes:
* New features to Motorola Physical plug-in added
* Added new dumper with digit signature from Motorola iDEN;
* Added new parsed in Palm Physical plug-in
* Added parsers for textual data for several Samsung CDMA devices

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