Digital Forensics News February 2018

Compelson have released the latest version of MOBILedit Forensic Express.

Free Android Forensics takes a deep-dive into an app.

Registration is now open for the Magnet User Summit 2018.

Eric Huber introduces a new series of blog posts about moving from LE to the private sector.

BlackBag’s MacQuisition 2018 R1 now comes with 120GB SSDs as standard, and a 1TB SSD option is soon to be released.

Brett Shavers talks about why it’s so important to be able to write good reports in DFIR.

Cellebrite have released version 7.1 of their UFED products.

Hashcat v4.1.0 has been released.

Forensic Focus readers can get 30% off the registration fee for TechnoSecurity by using the code FFOCUS18 at the checkout.

Adam Harrison has written a useful post on rebuilding RAID in EnCase 7/8.AccessData have introduced a new product into the market: Quin-C, which aims to speed up data processing and analysis.

Cydefe’s guide to Volatility will be helpful if you’re looking for a brief tutorial on memory forensics.

BlackLight 2018 R1 from BlackBag provides a new and much needed end-to-end solution for the latest Apple file system.

Christa Miller has written a post about some of the enduring challenges of mobile forensics.

Brett Shavers is currently soliciting feedback on whether a DFIR sub-contractor email list would be popular.

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