Digital Forensics News February 2019

Early bird registration for DFRWS EU 2019 ends on the 3rd of March – book your place here.

Magnet Forensics have partnered with Grayshift to offer advanced investigative capabilities on iOS devices.

BlackBag and Image Analyzer are now working together on advanced image categorisation to speed up image and video triage in investigations – find out more in their upcoming webinar.

Oxygen Forensic Detective now supports Parrot drones and uncovers information from BlaBlaCar trips.

BlackBag Technologies have launched a new introductory course: Digital Forensic Basics.Child exploitation images have been found hidden in crypto-currency blockchains.

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Susteen's Data Pilot is now available to agencies across Europe and Asia.

DFIR Review is a new intiative providing fast peer reviews for blog posts and informal community research.

OpenText have added some new elements to their EnCase training packages.

Jeonghyeon Kim released a tool that can parse normal records and recover deleted records in Windows.edb.

The SANS DFIR Summit call for papers is now open for their 2019 European chapter.

Bruce Hunter at BlackBag wrote a post demonstrating how to confirm Apple live photos.

The call for speakers at Techno Security TX is now open – register your interest here.

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