Digital Forensics News May 2019

This year’s Digital Forensics Challenge from the Korean Institute of Information Security & Cryptology (KIISC) has been announced.

BlackBag’s latest version of MacQuisition can now decrypt physical images of the latest Mac systems utilizing the Apple T2 chip.

Magnet AXIOM 3.1 is now available to download – it includes GrayKey integration and a new SQLite viewer.

BlackBag and Traversed have partnered up to provide examiners and investigators access to forensic services that can assist with unique cases and circumstances that require additional expertise.

Susteen’s Data Pilot 10 has been updated, providing up to 50% reduction in processing time.

Cyber Sleuth Labs, an initiative to help young people get into the industry, have released a video to demonstrate what they do.Hexacorn discusses how to write reports for digital forensics & security.

Cellebrite have shared a case study of a murder that was solved using GPS data.

Amped showed how thumbnails can contain important information, and demonstrated how to use Authenticate to help you find it.

DME Forensics have set up a new digital forensics training program, focusing on video data recovery and analysis.

Kate Carruthers, who is currently studying digital forensics, has shared her thoughts on the learning process and on the industry from a new practitioner’s perspective.

Brett Shavers talks about three common fears when presenting digital forensics content, and how they can be addressed.

Atola's TaskForce 2019.4 release is here, including compression support to minimize E01 file size and support for storing multiple image files on the destination drive.

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