Digital Forensics Round-Up, January 18 2024

A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views: 

Cellebrite donates AI investigative tools to nonprofits to help find missing children faster

John Walsh, advocate for missing children and longtime host of “America’s Most Wanted,” said he feels outmanned by criminals all the time – especially in the courtroom…

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Memory Forensics – Practical Example, Detect Classic Remote Process Injection

At times, following a system compromise, it becomes crucial to retrieve forensically significant data. RAM, being volatile, has a transient nature…

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Police Scotland welcome their latest recruit: SIM-card sniffer dogs

Six spaniels will be joining Police Scotland’s ranks this year as part of a new campaign to clamp down on a huge rise in online child sexual abuse…

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Prosecutors in Trump classified docs case plan to call digital forensics experts as witnesses

The five witnesses named in court documents work for the FBI and specialize in digital forensics or cellular analytics…

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Maxwell’s Lawyers Fought To Hide Search Terms

The federal court in New York that tried Jeffrey Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell for grooming and sex trafficking has now ordered Maxwell’s attorneys to search emails for specific words…

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Oxygen Forensic Training And Digital Forensics Solutions With Keith Lockhart

Keith Lockhart, Vice President of Training at Oxygen Forensics, discusses the evolution of training in the digital forensics industry…

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I told Post Office the truth about Horizon in 2003, IT expert says

An IT expert has criticised the Post Office for ignoring his report which found “concerning discrepancies” in its software more than 20 years ago…

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Crime Fighters Go High-Tech with $50K Donation of Digital Forensics Kit

Modern-day law enforcement relies heavily on technology, and this week, local crimefighters got a new batch of toys and gadgets that will help them collect, store, and protect digital evidence…

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Tsurugi Linux: Tailoring user experience for digital forensics and OSINT investigations

The project focuses mainly on live forensics analysis, post-mortem analysis, and digital evidence acquisition. Users can also perform malware analysis, OSINT and computer vision activities…

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Inauguration of Digital Forensic Laboratory at NFSU Campus, Gandhinagar on 08/01/2024

The first DGGI-NFSU digital forensic laboratory was inaugurated at the campus of National Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar on 08/01/2024 by Shri Rajiv Talwar…

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Islamabad Capital Police Trains Officers for Cybercrime Battle

In a proactive approach to tackle the burgeoning challenge of cybercrime, the Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO), Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, spearheaded a comprehensive five-day workshop for the officers of the newly established Cyber Crime Investigation Unit of the Islamabad Capital Police…

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