Digital Forensics Round-Up, March 13 2024

A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views:

Advanced forensic method to authenticate audio files from Tizen-based Samsung Galaxy Watches

In this study, we propose a forensic-forgery detecting approach for audio files, an extension of previous research on the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series, captured by the Voice Recorder application on Samsung Galaxy smartwatches with the Tizen operating system (OS)…

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Digital forensics in healthcare: An analysis of data associated with a CPAP machine

The need for digital forensic services across all sectors is not a new concept, nor is the increasing demand seen globally. However, the devices on which we perform digital forensics have changed and continue to evolve…

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The mystery of the EnrichedOffice365AuditLogs solved

At some point in 2023 out of nowhere there was a new entry under the Diagnostic Settings in Entra ID called EnrichedOffice365AuditLogs there was little to no documentation on it…

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Infosec pros weigh in on proposed ransomware payment bans

Whether for or against a payment ban, security professionals are concerned regulations could negatively affect victims and result in fewer incident disclosures…

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How Cado Security Is Revolutionizing Forensics And Incident Response For The Cloud

Chris Doman, Co-Founder of Cado Security, joins the Forensic Focus podcast to discuss cloud forensics and incident response. Cado Security provides cloud-based software for collecting and analyzing forensic evidence in cloud environments…

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It’s harder than ever to identify a manipulated photo. Here’s where to start.

To protect yourself from misinformation, experts suggest analyzing everything from how a photograph is lit to where you’re getting your information in the first place…

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Chaos to Clarity: Why Triage is Not Optional

As someone who works, lives and breathes in the world of Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), there is one skill that I think is often overlooked. Triage…

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Spinning YARN – A New Linux Malware Campaign Targets Docker, Apache Hadoop, Redis and Confluence

Cado Security Labs researchers have recently encountered an emerging malware campaign targeting misconfigured servers running the following web-facing services…

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