Don’t Let The Hunter Become The Hunted

Zuly Gonzalez's work on protecting online research networks was featured at Techno Security Myrtle Beach 2018.

Zuly Gonzalez: Alright, so we’re going to go ahead and get started. Sorry about that – there were a couple of technical issues there, getting started. But good morning everybody, thank you for joining my talk. My name is Zuly Gonzalez and I’m going to talk to you today about malware and how that can impact your online investigations and research activities, and how you can protect yourself while you’re on the web.

So, we’ll just dip right into it. I was told to remind you guys in the beginning, if you’re using the mobile app, to use the feedback mechanism built into the app.

Just before we dive in, to give you a little background on myself: I am the cofounder and CEO of Light Point Security, and Light Point Security – we pioneered the concept of remote browser isolation, which is really a way to provide malware-free and anonymous web browsing. Prior to Light Point Security, I spent over a decade at the NSA.

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