Evidence extraction from an Android device using MPE+ dSOLO

Data Specialist Group has created a self-extraction kit that includes an SD card pre-loaded with AccessData’s MPE+ dSOLO Android collection capability. dSOLO gives the end user the ability to extract data onsite from any Android smart phone, utilizing just a preconfigured MicroSD card.

This video demonstrates how quick and easy the kit is to use.

The MPE+ dSOLO is a built-in feature that allows users to create an extraction profile and then compile that profile to a MicroSD card. Users can then insert the provisioned MicroSD card into an Android device independent of any connection to MPE+. The configured dSOLO application is then initiated on the Android device and the previously selected extraction capabilities are extracted from the device onto the SD Card in a format that can only be read in MPE+. When extraction completes, users can read the MicroSD card containing the dSOLO data using the “Read dSOLO File” option from the MPE+ toolbar. Once the data is read, it is immediately available for preview, reporting, and analysis in MPE+.

More Information:
MPE+ dSOLO video
MPE+ Brochure

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