First Forensic Solution for Apple iPhone Released

Paraben Corporation a digital forensic technology provider announced today that it has released Device Seizure 2.0 with Apple iPhone support. Device Seizure is the first forensic tool to support the Apple iPhone in forensic acquisitions. Investigators and Law Enforcement have long known the forensic value of data from cell phones and other handheld devices, and the Apple iPhone created a problem with examiners from the beginning. With a variety of options used, the new release of Device Seizure 2.0 will stop the elusiveness of the Apple iPhone and allow for quality forensic evidence to be gathered…Paraben Corporation is the global leader in cell phone forensics and has been innovating and leading this field since 2002. Device Seizure is the culmination of Paraben’s handheld forensics division being built from the ground up on solid, court approved forensic technology.

“We immediately started hearing from examiners when the iPhone was released asking what they should do,” stated Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation. “We were right in line to get a device and begin the research. We wanted to give law enforcement the best and most forensically sound methodology as soon as possible and we are really pleased with the results. As a rule, cell phone forensics is an uphill battle and the iPhone was no exception. It is a quality device that is difficult to gather data from.”

Device Seizure 2.0 also adds support for full physical memory dumps from phones running the Symbian operating system as well as added support for dozens of new phone models. Device Seizure leads the industry with more models supported than any other tool at 1,928 and counting.


Paraben Corporation specializes in computer forensic software for enterprises and consumers. Established in 1999, Paraben became a leader in handheld forensics with the release of PDA Seizure in 2002, the first commercially available tool for cell phone forensics. Paraben then created Device Seizure, a comprehensive forensic solution for cell phones and PDAs. Paraben also has many digital forensic software titles for forensic analysis of hard drives and media – P2 Commander, and specialized tools for enterprise level forensics – P2 Enterprise, training classes, and forensic hardware. For more information, visit

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