Forensic Focus Forum Round-Up

Welcome to this month’s round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums.

What are your current best practices when you encounter a device that’s full disk encrypted?

Would you be interested in attending a forensics get-together in the US Midwest? Armresl and UnallocatedClusters are organising one – find out more here.

Can you help tootypeg to find some information about deepfake creation?

Forum members discuss app data acquisition on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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How would you ascertain the history of OS installations on this machine? Share your recommendations on the forum.How do you improve efficiency in acquisitions? Add your thoughts on the forum.

Can you help either of these forum members to acquire an image from an encrypted Samsung Galaxy S9?

What would be your ultimate digital forensics kit wishlist?

Members advise a newbie on managing evidence storage – chime in on the forum.

What’s your favourite operating system for use in digital forensic investigations?

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