Forensic Source Identification Using JPEG Image Headers: The Case Of Smartphones

Patrick Mullan shares his research at DFRWS EU 2019.

Patrick: Hello, I am Patrick. I would like to introduce you to our recent research on forensic source identification using JPEG image headers. So the idea is to identify the source of the image — so which device took the image — with a focus on smartphones, particularly Apple devices.

So why is this interesting? It’s one goal of multimedia security; it’s often called reconstruction of provenance, where provenance means to find something out about the background of the image: the history of the image. Like, was it processed with some software; which path did the picture take, or was it distributed over, until it reached a certain point; and finally, and that’s what we are looking into today, to identify the source of the multimedia content.

So in this scene on the right, the question is, which of the devices took the picture on the right?

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