FORMOBILE Survey: Law Enforcement Officers’ Requirements For Training

For a project that promises great leaps in the development of mobile forensic related technologies, and a complete guide to the practices and standards that professionals in Europe should follow, the necessary training to support these initiatives is critical!

That is why a new ‘Novel Training Curriculum’ was defined as the third objective of FORMOBILE. Effective training empowers specialists, instilling them with confidence and assuring them that they are following the best methods to complete their work.The preparation of a course linked to mobile device forensic investigations is a complex topic. There are many aspects to consider when producing a syllabus that encompasses the entire process. For this reason – we need your support!

To gather accurate and relevant data; allowing the team responsible for training (Work Package 7) to create the new courses, we need the input of a wide selection of stakeholders from the mobile forensic domain.

To aid the collection of data, WP7 prepared this questionnaire to understand the needs of specific people. By completing this anonymous form, you can lay the foundations for a future training course that will allow Europe to continue to make progress in an area essential to public safety!

Please help by completing the questionnaire and sharing the link with your network and colleagues.

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