How To Export Media Files From BlackLight Into Semantics21

So before we go to export our files from BlackLight to S21, what we will normally do is we will run the hashes against our case. In this case what we’ve done is we’ve already run these hashes against BlackLight, and as you can see, S21 has been run and it’s showing complete. These are the hashes that we’ve already set up and we’ve connected to this hash database through the MySQL interface within BlackLight. Once that is done – and in this case, the hash is done – we can then go over to our media section.

Now I’m going to choose ‘Combined.’ And what this is going to do is it’s going to show all the images, and all the thumbnails, and all the video files, that are part of this case. It’s displaying all of these pictures and videos and thumbnails for us. Now what I want to do is, I want to export all of these pictures and videos from the case, into a format that S21 will understand.

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