How To Use Amped DVRConv To Quickly Convert And Make Playable Proprietary CCTV V

by Blake Sawyer, Amped Software

When I worked for the police department, I was constantly pulled in a lot of different directions. To keep a good turnaround time for the nearly 200 requests we had each month, I was constantly looking for tools to automate or ease the load. Amped FIVE was a great resource for most of my daily tasks and managed the entire video evidence workflow. With it I could create lossless playable versions of a proprietary CCTV video, generate stills for a bulletin, clarify details such as logos or license plates, and conduct comparative analysis.

But a lot of the time, the detective or light duty officer just wanted to review the video to see if the event matched the witness testimony. With over 300,000 residents there was no lack of new CCTV or proprietary formats that would come in. To keep our forensic computers free to conduct the more intensive work, we found and implemented a few dedicated machines for conversions using Amped DVRConv.

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