Image And Video Forensic Training Courses With Amped Software: Register Now

Amped Software’s 2024 training schedule is now available! Amped provides a variety of training classes tailored to different skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, their courses are designed to help you improve your investigative skills and deepen your knowledge in handling image and video evidence within their software tools.

Training Sessions

Training in digital evidence is becoming increasingly important for law enforcement officers, technicians, and video analysts due to the rapid advancement of technology. Amped’s training classes equip them with essential knowledge and tools to accurately handle, analyze, present, and preserve image and video evidence securely and professionally. Classes are delivered worldwide in person or live online by expert trainers. Participants can anticipate a balanced training between theory and hands-on practice that also covers real cases. Amped offers flexible options to cater to various schedules and learning preferences.

The Amped ecosystem of solutions for forensic image and video analysis is designed to assist an entire organization with all investigations. Their goal is to help investigators, starting from the crime scene to the forensic lab and the courtroom.

This year, Amped is thrilled to roll out different new features. To make the most of these enhancements, enroll in the course that best aligns with your needs.

What are the benefits of attending Amped’s training courses?

  • Get access to a network of industry professionals and discuss key topics regarding digital forensics
  • Hands-on training on the use of Amped Software products
  • Discover the challenges users face in forensic video and digital multimedia evidence processing
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of all software features
  • Learn the workflow that is compatible with forensic needs and constraints

Who’s the training aimed at?

  • Users who want to improve their investigations
  • Forensic video analysts, technicians, and examiners
  • Forensic lab experts and digital forensic experts
  • Investigators, frontline officers, first responders, security personnel and CCTV operators who work with video evidence

Please note that you will receive a training attendance certificate immediately after the course. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Amped!

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Amped FIVE Training

The course combines lectures and hands-on activities with many practical exercises to solve cases using Amped FIVE. As well as showing how to use the software, Amped trainers will cover the basics of image and video generation, processing and enhancement with a focus on surveillance footage. They will also discuss the most common pitfalls that users may encounter in their casework.

Find out more about the course here.

Please note that the following chart shows dates only through June.

February 06-09, 2024 – 9AM – 5PM MST (USA) – Phoenix, AZ, (In-Person), John Barahona

March 04-08, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CET (Italy) – Abel Baños Peña

March 04-08, 2024 – 11 AM – 3 PM EST (USA) – John Barahona

March 11-15, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CET (Italy) – Massimo Iuliani

April 01-04, 2024 – 9 AM – 5 PM EDT (USA) – Wesley Chapel, FL, (In-Person), John Barahona

April 30-May 03, 2024 – 9 AM – 5 PM EDT (USA) – Franklin, MA, (In-Person), John Barahona

May 06-10, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CEST (Italy) – Massimo Iuliani

May 07-10, 2024 – 8 AM – 4 PM MDT (CAN) – Calgary, AB, (In-Person), Melissa Kimbrell

May 13-17, 2024 – 11 AM – 3 PM EDT (USA) – John Barahona

June 25-28, 2024 – 11 AM – 3 PM EDT (USA) – Lansing, MI, (In-Person), John Barahona

Amped FIVE Additions Training

It has been recognized that seasoned users of Amped FIVE may benefit from an additional class covering more complex program application workflows in detail. The standard curriculum for the course includes validation of applied filters and methods, non-standard decoding of proprietary video and the customization of fallback procedures, as well as the strategic use of link filters and annotations, frame and macroblock analysis and more. The content of this course can also be tailored to suit individual organizational requirements.

Discover the additional course here.

Amped Authenticate Training

The course combines lectures and hands-on activities. It begins with an introduction to integrity and authenticity, followed by an explanation of the image generation pipeline and how artifacts are introduced during the creation and manipulation of images. The course then demonstrates how Amped Authenticate uses these artifacts to reveal the processing history of images and videos and how to extract information on integrity, authenticity and source devices.

Learn more about this course here.

Please note that the following chart shows dates throughout the whole year.

February 19-23, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CET (Italy) – Massimo Iuliani

March 19-21, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CET (Italy) – Massimo Iuliani

September 24-26, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CET (Italy) – Amped HQ, Stefano Bianchi

October 7-11, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CEST (Italy) – Massimo Iuliani

Investigating Video Evidence Training

The course combines lectures and hands-on activities with practical or simulated cases using Amped Replay. Amped trainers will discuss the legal process surrounding the use of image and video evidence in daily investigations. This course provides students with the theory and the basics beyond image processing, understanding the issues affecting images and videos in an investigative context and delivering an in-depth knowledge of all software features to solve those issues, including the technical and scientific background behind the implemented techniques.

Discover more about the course here.

Amped FIVE Training Modules

In addition, you can delve even further into Amped’s training options by signing up for Amped FIVE Training Modules. These are conceived specifically for end-users who are looking to acquire more advanced skills and knowledge within technical areas of video forensics.
Set your own pace and customize the areas you want to specialize in!

Discover the modules and their schedules here.

Please note that the following chart shows dates throughout the whole year.

Module “File Analysis and DVR Conversion” – March 11-13, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CET (Italy) – Andrea Frisina

Module “Video Evidence Presentation” – April 2-4, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CEST (Italy) – Andrea Frisina

Module “Measurements and Speed Estimation” – May 7-9, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CEST (Italy) – Emi Polito

Module “File Analysis and DVR Conversion” – July 9-11, 2024 – 11 AM – 3 PM EDT (USA)

Module “Measurements and Speed Estimation” – July 16-18, 2024 – 11 AM – 3 PM EDT (USA)

Module “Video Evidence Presentation” – July 23-25, 2024 – 11 AM – 3 PM EDT (USA)

Module “File Analysis and DVR Conversion” – October 22-24, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CEST (Italy) – Stefano Bianchi

Module “Amped FIVE Updates” – November 5-7, 2024 – 9 AM – 1 PM CET (Italy) – Stefano Bianchi

Become an Amped FIVE Certified Examiner

After completing the Amped FIVE training you can apply to become an Amped FIVE Certified Examiner. Earning this certification will enrich your CV. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in the theoretical and practical aspects of the use of Amped FIVE. Additionally, it allows you to showcase your proficiency in using the software effectively.

As the industry evolves, both laboratory and professional standards are continuously changing. It may become crucial for you to possess this in the future to meet those advancing requirements.

Click here to learn more about the certification requirements and how to apply!


In conclusion, training is essential for law enforcement and other experts involved in criminal investigations. It provides the skills needed to analyze, restore, enhance and present evidence that is admissible in court. Professionals, who master image and video forensics techniques, are better equipped to protect citizens’ rights and pursue justice through science.

By becoming proficient with Amped FIVE and after earning the AFCE certification, experts can enrich their resumes and advance their careers. As technology progresses, this proficiency will remain a valuable asset in the field of digital forensics for years ahead. Professionals should consider enrolling in Amped’s courses to learn how to efficiently use their products and improve their investigations.

Please note that official Amped Software training courses are only conducted by Amped Software personnel. Amped does not endorse or certify other people or companies to perform training on their products.

Contact Amped Software for more information about their training.

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