LTU Technologies Releases Image-Seeker for Encase

LTU Technologies announced today the release of LTU Image-Seeker for Encase® (ISE), an integration enhancing image analysis capabilities for the computer forensics tool used by law enforcement and government investigators. Delivered as a plug-in for the industry-standard Encase® platform, ISE boosts investigators’ ability to quickly analyze and index images while in the field and away from the lab. Ultimately, even first responders to an investigation site can immediately determine whether a computer has been used to facilitate a crime…LTU works with law enforcement customers around the world to develop technical solutions that address the daily challenges facing forensic examiners and first responders. In this case, by enabling the immediate analysis of images seized from suspects’ computers, LTU Image-Seeker for Encase provides a way to eliminate the long backlogs in today’s computer forensic labs currently creating multi-month delays in case resolution.

Image-Seeker for Encase (ISE), one of LTU’s powerful field & lab triage tools, determines in real time whether a computer has been used to facilitate a crime, unobtrusively extracting conclusive evidence on-site. ISE enables investigators to more quickly uncover previously unknown photographs associated with a recent crime or current case in progress. For investigators, identifying known images on a suspect’s hard drive is the most urgent task as it helps to reveal unknown images that may represent evidence of a new crime. ISE speeds the image sorting process, enabling field officers to quickly identify, and compare known seized images; while enabling the secure sharing of these materials by state, local, federal and even international law enforcement authorities.

“This is a great example of how image recognition technology is enabling local, national, and international agencies to collaborate to more effectively enforce the law,” commented P. Kevin Smith, VP of Sales – North America LTU Technologies. “The fact that we’re helping law enforcement stop crimes, including those committed against children, makes us even more proud of our work.”

ISE is based on a core LTU technology that indexes the pixels of an image to create a digital signature or “image DNA” that describes the key visual features of each image. This approach has proven to be more effective than the use of keyword tags and binary file identifiers alone.

Used as a standard within enforcement circles, LTU image DNA enables investigators from local, national and international agencies to compare current case data with profiles of images stored among the various agencies’ centralized databases – all without sharing actual images.

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EnCase® Forensic software, produced by Guidance Software Inc. (Pasadena, California) is widely acknowledged as one of the most effective tools used by investigators throughout law enforcement and intelligence agencies for analyzing digital evidence. ISE allows agencies to extend the use of EnCase® to digital images found on seized computers (even working in difficult to access un-allocated space).

Agents working in the field need not be connected to a central database to compare seized images. The integrated Image-Seeker for Encase tool provides fully portable image analysis, storage, and sharing capabilities in an easy to use interface helping law enforcement to extend the use of their existing investment in Encase® software.

LTU Image-Seeker™ for Encase® is anticipated to be a highly valued tool investigation of various types; including intelligence and the investigation of counterfeiting crimes. ISE will help investigators in all circumstances when the need exists to compare field-analyzed materials with those held by a centralized agency, without compromising the security of the centralized data.

About LTU Technologies

Founded in 1999 by veteran scientists of MIT, Oxford and INRIA, LTU Technologies provides mission-critical software for search, retrieval and classification of images and videos. LTU’s technology is patented worldwide. LTU’s clients include government organizations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the French Patent Office as well as commercial organizations such as and Meredith Corporation. The technology has also successfully been integrated in third party solutions for brand protection, enterprise search, digital asset management, and email monitoring. LTU Technologies has offices in Paris, France and Washington DC. For more information, visit

Trademark Notice

LTU Technologies and Image-Seeker are registered trademarks of LTU Technologies. Encase® is a registered trademark of Guidance Software Inc. (Pasadena, California). Any other third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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