MacQuisition From BlackBag

by Jade James

MacQuisition is a simple but effective tool used for imaging and data collection of iMacs, MacBooks, and Mac Pros & Minis. This tool is solely for the use with Macs, but although it is a niche product MacQuisition has many benefits.

The latest release of MacQuisition is 2018 R1.2, which is contained within a 120GB or 1TB dongle/drive. This in itself is extremely useful as it allows you to image directly to the dongle. It can also act as a collector and is ideal for data collection in situ. Booting into a dongle eliminates the need to dismantle the system to access drives, which could be problematic and could potentially result in the loss of data. The 120GB version comes with USB2.0 and USB C connector cables, allowing for use with the latest MacBook Pros and iMac Pros.

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