MSAB Releases New Versions Of XRY, XAMN And XEC

Now released: XRY 8.2, XAMN 4.5 and XEC 5.3

The new releases of XRY, XAMN and XEC introduce a range of new and improved capabilities, with a strong focus on making it faster and easier than ever for examiners and investigators to preview, extract and analyze data from mobile devices and apps.

Highlights of the newest releases are summarized below, and, as always, we highly recommend that all current customers download the Release Notes from the Customer Portal for a complete description of all updated product capabilities and supported devices and apps.

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Release highlights:

XRY 8.2

Samsung Galaxy S7 Qualcomm physical support: We have improved physical security bypass capabilities for Samsung Galaxy S7 with Qualcomm chipsets. You can now extract locked devices with the latest bootloaders installed.

Preview files before extraction: A new “File selection” profile is available and can be used to rapidly extract a limited set of files such as pictures, video and audio — enabling you to preview and/or extract critical data quickly. This new “triage” capability has extremely high value in many scenarios and usage situations where every minute counts.

Pre-extraction device scanning: XRY now scans devices before extractions are started and presents information such as OS version, which apps are installed, and more. The information can help you determine which actions to take to perform a successful extraction.

XRY Photon now supports Signal: XRY Photon now supports automatically extracting data from the widely used encrypted messaging app Signal, including security account, calls, contacts, social groups and messages.

KaiOS decoding support: XRY now supports decoding basic data and WhatsApp data from devices using the KaiOS operating system, a fast-growing mobile OS used in lower-priced smartphones.

XAMN 4.5

Find similar images: A new shortcut button in XAMN lets users who are investigating an image quickly find similar images and any additional copies of the image, even if they have been slightly altered or compressed by an app.

User-defined SQLite app database mapping: The SQLite database viewer in XAMN Elements now lets users map undecoded data into artifacts ready for analysis. The new functionality saves tremendous amounts of time compared to performing manual decoding.

UFED file import in XAMN: Customers with an XAMN Spotlight license can now import and analyze UFED extraction files in XAMN Spotlight.

Improved apps filter: The apps filter is now a default filter in the filters pane. Users can choose to display all apps on the device or just the apps where there are artifacts matching the search and filtering criteria.

XEC 5.3

New performance dashboard: A new XEC dashboard lets managers track status, statistics, alarms and events in your operations, in a visually impactful view perfect for displaying on one or multiple monitors and which can be viewed from anywhere, with a web interface.


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