New Trainer, Continued Training Mark Second Half for MSAB Inc.

MSAB Inc. has announced the addition of Jansen Cohoon, an educator and digital forensic practitioner, to its training division. Cohoon will design and teach curriculum that advances both MSAB’s XRY Complete product line, and mobile device forensics overall. As Technical Director of the National Forensics Training Center at Mississippi State University, Cohoon directed research associates and developed advanced courses in digital forensics, training which has thus far taught 3500 law enforcement officers across the US…In conjunction with Mississippi State University and the Wounded Warriors Training Program, Cohoon has also taught veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs.

Cohoon is, in addition, a hands-on digital forensic practitioner. A reserve deputy with the Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s Office, he helps law enforcement to image and analyze data recovered from both mobile devices and computer hard drives. His expertise has been brought to bear in several criminal and civil cases. While at MSU, he helped establish digital forensic labs, including equipment, for local agencies across Mississippi.

“I became interested in mobile forensics because I think it continues to be a significant niche in the overall digital forensics field,” said Cohoon. “Mobile devices are more dynamic and more hands-on than hard drives, and that presents many potential research topics. As a leader in research and development, MSAB and its training goals is a good fit for me.”

“We are proud to have someone of Jansen’s caliber heading up our training division,” said Doug Oby, MSAB president of North American operations. “His unique mix of academic and professional digital forensic experience will serve our customers well, especially as many of them are new to mobile forensics.”

Heading into the second half of 2010, Cohoon will be teaching customers how to acquire mobile device data using MSAB’s newly redesigned XRY Complete, a product that brings together physical and logical data extraction. The first 5-day course will be offered August 23-27 in San Diego, CA; the second will be October 4-8 in Alexandria, VA.

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MSAB is also planning specialized iPhone forensics training as well as custom training for its academic customers, including undergraduate and graduate students as well as law enforcement professionals.


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