NICE and Magnet Forensics Partner to Digitally Transform Police Case Building and Investigations

Integration of companies’ technologies will enable police agencies to automatically merge digital forensic evidence from Magnet REVIEW with other digital evidence in NICE Investigate to streamline case building

NICE and Magnet Forensics today announced a partnership to digitally transform police case building and investigations to accelerate the pursuit of justice. The integration of NICE Investigate and Magnet REVIEW will enable police agencies to automatically merge digital forensic evidence from Magnet REVIEW with other digital evidence sources in NICE Investigate to streamline case building and investigations.

As a one-stop solution for managing digital evidence and investigations, NICE Investigate improves operational efficiency by enabling investigators to collect, analyze and share digital evidence through a single login. NICE Investigate automatically pulls evidence into electronic case folders from Records Management, CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), body-worn video, mobile apps and other core systems. When investigators log into NICE Investigate, their evidence is waiting. With the additional integration of Magnet REVIEW, investigators will receive automated alerts when additional forensic evidence becomes available.

Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE, commented, “We’re excited to partner with Magnet Forensics. Our partnership will create seamless workflows and efficiencies for investigators and further simplify the digital evidence review process across more data types. Now, police departments will be able to review all evidence, connected in one place, to accelerate case building, and get to the truth faster.”

Adam Belsher, Chief Executive Officer, Magnet Forensics, said, “Police agencies are burdened with an overwhelming volume of digital evidence from a variety of sources, which require their own specialized investigative tools and highly trained specialists. It’s slowing down their investigations and compromising justice. We’re partnering with NICE because we’re both committed to making our digital investigation solutions interoperable so that investigators can consolidate critical digital evidence and leverage analytics tools to complete their cases in a more timely and effective fashion.”

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Magnet REVIEW is a cloud-based, collaborative and secure digital forensic review platform that enables investigators to access and examine digital forensic evidence and associated metadata acquired through a variety of digital forensic tools (from sources such as smartphones, computers, and IoT devices). Through the integration of Magnet REVIEW and Evidencentral’s NICE Investigate, forensic evidence from Magnet REVIEW will be pulled into NICE Investigate case folders through a seamless, automated, electronic process, where it can be consolidated and cohesively analyzed alongside other types of digital evidence, using analytical tools.

As both solutions leverage Microsoft Azure, agencies will also be able to leverage the cloud to facilitate remote work and collaboration, scale to handle heavier caseloads, better safeguard and manage growing digital evidence, reduce infrastructure and overhead costs and improve security and resiliency.

“This collaboration between NICE and Magnet Forensics enables public safety organizations to use the power of the cloud to improve digital evidence review processes,” added Kirk Arthur, Microsoft’s Sr. Director of Worldwide Public Safety & Justice. “This is the future of digital evidence management and processing, especially for law enforcement agencies who can now leverage these technologies together to reduce case backlogs and accelerate investigations, while also benefitting from the security and scalability of the trusted Microsoft Azure cloud.”

Under the partnership, Magnet Forensics is also joining NICE’s Evidencentral Marketplace. The Evidencentral Marketplace is the first open digital evidence management ecosystem created specifically for Public Safety and Criminal Justice agencies.

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