Paraben Releases Deleted Android Data Product

Paraben Corporation has announced the release of the Phone Recovery Stick. Once plugged in to a computer, users simply plug their Android phone in and run the program. It automatically downloads user data such as call logs, pictures, address books, and much more. It then automatically sifts through all this data to find deleted data from SMS (text) messages, contacts, and more…“As a parent and an employer, I wanted to give other parents and employers the same tools I use every day,” said Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation. “Recovering deleted data from cell phones can be so important to parents, spouses, employers, or investigators.” The Phone Recovery Stick is based on Paraben’s cell phone forensic software that has been available to law enforcement and forensic practitioners for nearly 10 years. With the lines between cell phones and computers becoming more blurred each day, consumers need advanced technology to perform the same tasks they require from their computers. Paraben’s Phone Recovery Stick is just one product from Paraben that is helping users with this transition.

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