Passware Enhances FileVault2 Decryption, 2x faster GPU Performance

Mac FileVault2 passwords now recoverable at a high speed, in addition to Passware’s previously announced live memory analysis solution.

Passware, Inc., a provider of password recovery, decryption, and electronic evidence discovery software for computer forensics, law enforcement organizations, government agencies, and private investigators, announces the addition of a hardware­accelerated FileVault2 password recovery option to its disk decryption feature in Passware Kit Forensic, originally released in 2012.

Passware’s previous solution relied on memory analysis for extraction of FileVault2 encryption key. While the decryption process was a matter of minutes, in many cases it was unavailable to computer forensics, because often the target Mac was shut down making the encryption keys no longer available in the memory. A pioneer in cracking FileVault, Passware adds the new option in response to increased demand on Mac forensics.Now Passware offers a brute­force recovery of the FileVault2 password that works with the disks images, regardless of whether the computer is still running or not. Acceleration of Passware’s password recovery process for FileVault2 is possible with graphic processing units (GPUs), such as NVIDIA and AMD, which provides a record password recovery speed – over 4,000 passwords per second with a single GPU card. Further acceleration is possible with distributed computing that Passware offers in the Forensic edition of its software product. Modern GPUs that are now in great demand for mining cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoins, are also good for password cracking.

“We understand that in computer forensics practice, live memory analysis is not always applicable,” said Dmitry Sumin, CEO of Passware. “With the release of hardware­-accelerated recovery of FileVault2 passwords, computer forensics now gain access to the suspect’s Mac content, without relying on memory analysis.”

GPU performance: 2x faster

Passware Kit 13.1 features an engine optimization that makes passwords recovery on GPU cards for most types of files on average twice as fast as before!

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For TrueCrypt WDE the recovery speed is 3 times faster and now reaches 48,500 passwords per second, compared to 13,500 passwords per second with Passware Kit 13.0 on the same hardware.

Performance has also been increased by 1.5 times for RAR archives, and 1.8 times for MS Office 2007 files.

Other features of Passware Kit Forensic 13.1 include GPU­-accelerated password recovery for Android physical images, decryption of QuickBooks and Quicken 2014 databases.

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