Register for On-Demand Webinar: How Physical Analyzer Ultra Brings Resilience to Your Digital Data Examinations

Join Cellebrite’s webinar to discover how PA Ultra offers operational resilience with a more robust infrastructure,  ​multi-source data ingestion capabilities, and a simplified decoding process at scale. Tested and used by current ​ Physical Analyzer users like you, PA Ultra gives examiners even more power to ​ uncover evidence. ​

Learn about PA Ultra’s new capabilities: 

  • Increased Scale – Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 8.0 includes enhanced capabilities to ingest, decode and surface much larger volumes of data from multiple sources.
  • Agile Database – Never lose data from previous sessions again! The new database structure enables you to quickly access all your case work data right where you left off.​ ​​
  • Improved Insights – Location, location, location! An all-new Locations tab available in an enhanced user-interface includes an improved breakdown of location data, powering even more location insights.​
  • Crypto Capabilities – Unparalleled data enrichment with crypto and payment apps analysis.​

This webinar is on demand. Attend at a date and time that work for you.

Speaker: Ian Whiffen, Senior Digital Intelligence Expert

Register here.

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