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Explore rapid on-scene digital forensics solutions for the Police, Military and Digital Forensics community

Deploying ‘usable’ Digital Forensic technology to the frontlines has never been more important as organisations are challenged to do more with less.

As the Digital Forensics community tackles the explosion of complex data from mobile phones, computers, smart devices and drones, and the added training burden that comes with it, we explore how the technology from Detego and Hancom can help deliver faster, actionable results on the front line. Learn how you can benefit from forensically securing data in real-time while reducing the strain on off-scene Digital Forensic labs.

Designed for both seasoned investigators and new users, this one hour session will focus on the lessons learned, trusted methodologies and best practices drawn from Police & Military Operations. The webinar will also explore how Detego’s rapid, easy-to-use software solutions can empower investigators in both on-scene and lab-based environments.

We look forward to hosting you! All attendees will gain access to a fully-functional 30 day trial of Detego’s game-changing software solutions, and one attendee will walk away with a free 12-month license of Detego’s patented Field Triage solution.

Ideal for investigators in:

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Special Operations, ICAC, CSAM, CSM, DMX, MPE, DOMEX, MEDEX, CELLEX, CAID, Project Vic, Cyber investigations, DFIR, computer forensics, mobile forensics, frontline investigation, on scene forensics and lab based investigators.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

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