Review: Belkasoft Evidence Center From Belkasoft

by Jade James

Belkasoft is a global leader in digital forensics technology, founded in 2002. The team comprises of people from different backgrounds such as digital forensics, data recovery and reverse engineering. One of the main purposes of Belkasoft is to create easy to use tools which are technologically advanced for investigators to carry out comprehensive investigations. Currently Belkasoft have three tools used for investigation, of which the Belkasoft Evidence Center (BEC) remains the flagship forensic product.

Other products include the Belkasoft Acquisition Tool (BAT), or BelkaImager as you may know it, which allows you to make images of hard and removable drives, Android and iOS devices, and download Cloud data. With the BelkaImager you can acquire physical images of hard drives, SSD drives and removable drives connected to your computer, laptop or tablet. The drive can be acquired as DD or E01 image.

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