Review: Mobile Device Investigator From ADF

by Jade James

ADF Solutions is a leading provider of intelligent digital forensic and media exploitation software. ADF’s tools are used for the processing and analysis of computers, external drives, mobile devices and other media storage such as USBs and memory cards.

In this review we will be focusing on Mobile Device Investigator (MDI). According to ADF, MDI is completely user-friendly and requires minimal training. The tool can also perform fast logical acquisitions: up to 4GB of data per minute (depending on system requirements). You can search for keywords and hash values during the logical acquisition, although this may slow down the process. You can also perform quick reviews of your data using the picture gallery, video frames, comprehensive filters, VICS/CAID auto categorisation, data deduplication and whitelist elimination (a whitelist is a list of all programs, software, and system files that are allowed on a computer).

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