Small Scale Digital Device Forensics Journal – Call for Papers

SSDD Forensics Journal Call For Papers

The SSDD Forensics Journal ( invites papers for the premier issue, which will be published in February 2007. Papers on topics in the areas listed below as well as outstanding papers on other topics related to small scale digital device forensics will be considered:

1. Cell Phone Forensics
2. PDA Forensics
3. Smart Phone Forensics
4. Embedded Flash Drives
5. Audio/Video Device Forensics
6. Digital Camera Forensics
7. Gaming Device Forensics
8. GPS Device Forensics
9. Unusual Sources of Digital Evidence
10. Standards for Small Scale Digital Device Frensics
11. Small Scale Digital Device Forensic Tools and Procedure Evaluations
12. Small Scale Digital Device Forensic Case Studies

The submission deadline for the premier issue is midnight, December 1, 2006. Submissions after this deadline will be considered for future issues of SSDDFJ.

Contact Rick Mislan [email protected] for questions.

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