SQLite Forensic Reporter v1.1 Released

A new version of SQLite Forensic Reporter, Universal SQLite database examination tool, is now available. Version 1.1 now includes more features to analyse, extract and report on information from any SQLite database (not corrupted or encrypted). Useful for Computer & Phone Forensic Analysts and Data Recovery Technicians. Searches, indentifies and decodes all SQLite database files in a case. Identify SQLite databases containing evidence you never knew existed. Available for $160 per license with discounts for Government and Law Enforcement Agencies…What's new:

  • Password and Username Identification, scans all identified SQLite database files for possible user credentials (saved as a separate listing).
  • Collates date and time activity from all identified SQLite database files in a case and saved as a seperate listing for timeline analysis
  • Added Unattended Mode, Identification and Processing of all SQLite database files is performed with a single mouse click
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    SQLite Forensic Reporter is the only universal SQLite database examination tool available to date, more information : <br />
    SQLite Forensic Reporter (Universal SQLite database examination tool) <br /> <br />

    In addition to the above new additions SQLite Forensic Reporter also includes the following features:

    • File Header Analysis for reliable file identification
    • Advanced identification using automated Table Analysis, Column Analysis and Field Data Analysis
    • Easy to manage template interface, create new templates for newly encountered database formats
    • User optional extraction of 'undecoded' data during processing for raw data comparison
    • Built-in MD5 hashing
    • Date / Time display user customisable
    • Once installed, can be setup and running in as little as 3 mouse clicks
    • Unattended mode, process an entire case overnite, come back to the results in the morning
    • Optional single folder or recurse folder
    • Handles unlimited number of templates
    • Templates are portable, develop and share with colleagues, can be stored locally or on a network location (ie mapped drive)
    • Supports numerous datatypes including all known date/time formats presently used in SQLite databases
    • User can select and decode columns using built in data types
    • User can selectively extract rows and columns matching any criteria using SQL scripting
    • Decodes Windows FILETIME Date/Time stamps (Big Endian, Little Endian, hexadecimal or numerical)
    • Decodes DOS 32-bit Date/Time stamps (hexadecimal or numerical)
    • Decodes Unix Date/Time stamps (Big Endian, Little Endian, Seconds, Millisecond and Precision based formats, hexadecimal or numerical
    • Decodes MAC Absolute Date/Time stamps
    • Decodes OLE Date/Time stamps
    • Decodes Base64 Encoded Text
    • Decodes PRTIME Date/Time stamps
    • Decodes WEBKIT Date/Time stamps
    • Decodes Julian Date/Time stamps
    • Decodes Display Boolean values (user customisable, Yes/No, True/False)
    • Decodes Uppercase Text
    • Decodes Lowercase Text
    • Decodes Text to Hexadecimal
    • Decodes Integer to Hexadecimal
    • Decodes Display number formatted as filesize (examples: 3 bytes,3GB,3TB)
    • Decodes seconds to hours/minutes/seconds
    • Inexpensive, affordable to both individuals and multiple users, additional discount is available to Law Enforcement & Government
    • Identifies fields containing possible usernames and passwords
    • Advanced Identification not available anywhere else
    • Identify files that have there file extensions renamed, a technique used by developers for basic data protection. also may be used for malicious purposes
    • Unicode enabled, reports will export text correctly (arabic etc)
    • SQLite automatically creates reports in HTML and CSV formats decoded as the user specifies
    • Utilitises both Default (simple SQL processing) and/or Advanced User Defined SQL querying, link and reference tables for automatic decoding and reporting
    • SQLite is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Indonesian Languages
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      SQLite Forensic Reporter costs $160 per license includes free customer support and updates. www.filesig.co.uk. Discounts are available for Government and Law Enforcement Agencies…

      More useful software: www.simplecarver.com.

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