Standardized Corpus For SQLite Database Forensics

Sven Schmitt discusses his work at DFRWS EU 2018.

Sven: Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for having me. I will today talk about SQLite database forensics. My name is Sven Schmitt, as Bruce introduced correctly. I am a PhD student with Felix Freiling at the FAU University in Erlangen-Nuremberg, but actually, I only pursue my PhD during night-times and on the weekends, because I mainly work for law enforcement in Germany.

The topic that I’ve brought to Florence this time is ‘A Standardized Corpus for SQLite Database Forensics’. Basically, we will talk about forensic corpora in general, at the beginning. Then, we will introduce the forensic corpus that we created during this work, and I’ll who a little bit details about the tests and the results that we have, because we tested some tools against the corpus, and finally, we derived some points, some requirements that we think are useful for forensic tools in general.

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