Inc. announces MacForensicsLab Web Agent 1.0 Inc. announces the immediate availability of MacForensicsLab Web Agent 1.0, an automated website crawler designed to hunt CP, with a built-in skin tone analyzer to identify images of evidentiary value…MacForensicsLab Web Agent is designed for ease of use and can be utilized by anyone with any level of technical abilities. Only a couple clicks are required for setup; a powerful fetching and analyzing engine takes care of the rest and quickly locates images of interest.

Web Agent is a tri-platform product offering the same powerful features and interface on Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux systems. “This flexibility allows investigators to run Web Agent on the OS of their choosing.” says Marko Kostyrko, CEO Inc.’s MacForensicsLab Field Agent, has also been updated to include the option to save images of interest and now includes hashing within reports which is becoming more and more essential in computer crime investigations. It’s a free upgrade for all Field Agent 2.9 users.

Pricing for MacForensicsLab Web Agent and Field Agent is $39.95 each or bundled together for $59.95. Trial versions of both products are available.

Information about MacForensicsLab Web Agent can be found at:

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Information about MacForensicsLab Field Agent can be found at:

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