Inc. Releases MacLockPick 3.0 Inc. announces the newest version of their cross-platform live digital forensic field tool, MacLockPick 3.0. The new version offers improvements in iOS support, the addition of file and meta tag filters, upgraded application support, and more. MacLockPick 3.0 exploits… Read more Inc. Releases MacForensicsLab 4.0 Inc. announces the immediate availability of the latest version of their powerful computer forensic suite, MacForensicsLab 4.0. The new version brings a streamlined interface and many other improvements to make examinations quicker and more accurate than ever Inc.… Read more Inc. announces MacForensicsLab Web Agent 1.0 Inc. announces the immediate availability of MacForensicsLab Web Agent 1.0, an automated website crawler designed to hunt CP, with a built-in skin tone analyzer to identify images of evidentiary value…MacForensicsLab Web Agent is designed for ease of use and… Read more Inc. announces MacForensicsLab Social Agent Inc. has announced MacForensicsLab Social Agent™ 1.0. Social Agent can scan Macs running the Apple Safari® web browser for evidence of social network activity and can identify social networking web pages visited by the suspect. The initial support includes… Read more

MacForensicsLab 3.0 released

MacForensicsLab Inc. announces the immediate availability of the latest version of their computer forensic suite, MacForensicsLab 3.0. The latest version of MacForensicsLab features redesigned core functions making it faster to zero in on suspect evidence with an easier and more… Read more

MacForensicsLab Inc. releases MacLockPick 2.1

MacForensicsLab Inc. announces an upgrade to their cross-platform digital forensic field tool. In addition to extracting suspect evidence from Windows and Mac OS X systems, MacLockPick 2.1 now extracts data from Linux systems too. Now investigations aren’t limited by the… Read more