Teel Technologies Offers Advanced Mobile Device Forensics Training

Mobile device forensic investigators who are attending this year’s Techno Security & Digital Investigations Conference can look forward to a new training course from Teel Technologies. The three-day training, held concurrently with the conference between June 9-11, 2010 in Myrtle Beach, will cover…– Advanced techniques, including data carving and image indexing, to extract and analyze data from mobile devices’ physical memory.
– Hands-on experience with reverse engineering, use of regular expressions and SQL database data mining.
– Opportunities to use leading commercial and open source tools, along with non-conventional tools such as flasher boxes.
– Popular smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and RIM BlackBerry.

“Plenty of introductory training exists for investigators needing to acquire evidence from mobile devices, but advanced training is much less common,” said Bill Teel, owner and CEO of Teel Technologies. “This course is designed for the investigator who has been acquiring mobile data for some time, and now wants to dig deeper, to take their skills to the next level.”

The course will be presented by well-known mobile forensics trainer, Michael Harrington, a former law enforcement officer with over ten years of experience in digital forensics. He has lectured on and taught mobile forensics all over the world and has been involved in various forensic projects, such as Pandora’s Box and WOLF.

For $1750, all students attending the class will receive a TeelTech iGo Essentials Charging Tip Kit, including 25 iGo tips, wall and portable charger, all packaged in a convenient carrying case. Those wishing to register for the training may do so at Teel Technologies' website.

Teel Technologies (www.TeelTech.com), based in Norwalk, Conn., is a registered small business that provides industry leading tools for professionals tasked with investigating wireless devices, analyzing the network, or securing communications. A trusted partner to the community since 2006, Teel Technologies offers the largest collection of dedicated mobile device forensic tools that are proven in the field and used widely around the world. Teel Technologies also publishes the free search engine for mobile device examiners, www.MobileForensicsCentral.com.

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