Texas Slams The Door On Unlicensed Computer Investigators

Any firm hiring an unlicensed computer investigator runs the risk of having all information obtained in the process invalidated. Hiring an expert witness to testify in cases involving electronically stored information, computer crimes, misuse of computers, or any other computer related violation carries the same risk. After January 1, 2008, any company providing information not publicly available, based upon computer investigations, must be licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Private Security Board…Practicing without a license can result in a Class A Misdemeanor for the first offense, a Class 3 Felony for subsequent violations, monetary fines, and the invalidation of any information obtained by the unlicensed individual or firm.

Electronic evidence is an important element in many of today’s legal cases. Investigations into the misuse of e-mail, cell phones, internet, and many other computer-based communications and activities can be very valuable to litigation.

Corporate Human Resources departments often use the services of computer forensic examiners to determine whether or not there is just cause for terminating an employee. By assuring there is just cause for the termination, a corporation cuts its risk of being sued by a disgruntled employee.

While computer forensics is a very valuable tool for the legal and corporate communities, it is important that the entities acquiring these services protect their investment by hiring an experienced licensed firm to provide the service. Ernesto F. Rojas, President and CEO of Forensic & Security Services, Inc. announced today that his firm has met all obligations under the revised provisions of the Texas occupational code and House Bill 2833. Mr. Rojas stated that meeting these obligations enables the firm to “continue offering our services to our legal, corporate, and private clients without issues of spoliation.”

Mr. Rojas also advised, “If you are contemplating the hiring of a data collection firm, expert witness to testify with regards to the content of ESI, computer crime, or other computer enabled violation, we urge you to verify that the vendor has an active Texas license to perform these tasks.” For information about how to verify whether or not a vendor is licensed, call or e-mail Carolyn Vines-Garrison with Forensic & Security Services at (713) 893-6241 or cv@for-sec.com.

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Forensic and Security Services, Inc. is a Houston based firm offering computer forensics, data collection, and expert testimony to attorneys and corporate clients. The firm’s investigators and/or private security consultants are fully licensed by the State of Texas.

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