Third Vere Software Online Investigation Basic Webinar

On Thursday, November 12, starting at 11 a.m. Pacific time, Corona (California) Detective Frank Zellers will present this 60-minute webinar designed to show corporate and law enforcement investigators how to obtain evidence and information from social networking sites. The “MySpace Investigations Basics” webinar grew out of a longer, more in-depth course Zellers developed and teaches for Inland Direct. Zellers will discuss MySpace functionality, different ways to find different kinds of evidence, and how to save it, along with how advanced searches via Google and Yahoo figure into an investigation.“The webinar is designed not for task force members or computer forensic examiners, but for ‘novice’ investigators,” said Zellers. “It shows the site’s internal functionality, including how to tell whether evidence was uploaded to the site, or is embedded from another site. That helps them figure out where to serve search warrants.”

Todd Shipley, president and CEO of Vere Software, added, “Investigators who are not all that familiar with the MySpace or other social network user interfaces can be confused by how ‘busy’ it is. The ‘MySpace Investigations Basics’ webinar shows them exactly where and how to start. That is key to law enforcement’s ability to collect evidence in gang, narcotics, cyberbullying, and similar cases. It is also important to corporate and other investigators conducting background and other human resources checks.”

Frank Zellers is a Corona (California) Police Department Senior Detective with over 17 years of experience. An EnCase Certified Examiner and AccessData Certified Examiner in computer forensics, he currently investigates high technology crimes. He is also the owner of Inland Direct, a professional training and consulting company. He is an expert witness in the area of computer forensics and high technology crimes. Det. Zellers has instructed on identity theft for the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) via the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) at San Jose State University. He has additionally developed and currently instructs the MySpace Specialized Tools for Investigators Class.

Incorporated in February 2007, Vere Software, Inc. designs, develops, programs, and markets software and hardware built upon concepts related to online evidence collection and preservation. Offered to both public and private markets domestically and internationally, Vere Software’s WebCase and related products meet the standard for criminal legal defensibility by logging, date and time stamping collected Internet evidence, then authenticating it via one of a number of accepted hash algorithms.


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